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The Parable of the Great Sheep Uprising
One day a young sheep woke
and faced a world he'd never known

He raced to tell the herd
and share the vision he'd been shown

"The fence is down, the dog is dead
the shepherd's gone away!
We sheep will soon taste freedom
with no one to block our way!"

"What pastures shall we roam to?
Oh, what fields shall we explore?
Our day of choice has now drawn nigh
what greatness is in store?"

"We'll spread across the country!
Yes, expand our power base!
We'll maximize our numbers!
and reclaim our rightful place!"

"Imagine how we'll prosper
Yes, just think how far and wide
Our children spared enslavement
our own fate shall we decide."

The sheep began to follow
with excitement this bold youth
But then an old sheep blocked their path
and spoke his only truth:

"Contain your mad excitement
and now listen well, dear child
For sheep we are and sheep we'll be
and sheep do not run wild"

"Our master loved and led us
and this field is all we know
What lies beyond no one can say
this path may lead to woe..."

And so it was, that fateful day
the sheep fell back in line
No fence, no dog, no shepherd
but with limits on their minds

And so it is with sheep
And sadly so with us ourselves
That even blessed with freedom
all good sheep still herd themselves...

But that is about to change....

Writer: W. Goodridge
Artist: Pablo Niz
"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."--Bob Marley
R e c l a i m     Y o u r    P o w e r       
What is the Great Sheep Uprising?

If the world is to be saved; if global warming is to be prioritized and addressed; if people are to live disease-free lives; if the rights and freedoms of all on the planet are to be honored and respected; if we are to develop a workable understanding of ourselves, of others, and of reality to be able to make better choices, then there must be a change in the way people currently think, communicate and act.

People need to be awakened to, communicate about and act on a specific set of new ideas that will facilitate these changes. People need to see the beyond the deceptions that currently skew their perceptions. People need to be able to think critically and analyze their worlds and make choices that are in their own best interests and the interest of global survival and prosperity.

The Great Sheep Uprising is more than just a manifesto. It is a way of interacting with the world. It is a way of interpreting the world. It is a way of life based on insights that will free your mind to see things differently. If you question the status quo; if you challenge the accepted norms and ask "why are things done this way?" If you have adopted a new belief system, a lifestyle that goes counter the sheep mentality under which the majority of the population labors, then you are already part of the uprising. The Uprising is a movement of thought and action--a revolution of mind--that is already underway.

Joining the Uprising will hone your ability to think by developing your critical mind. Your critical mind helps you interpret what you experience. People who interpret the world correctly make better decisions. It's that simple. When you see the world correctly, you will not be led. You will not be deceived. You will not be hoodwinked. You will know what comes next. You will seem to predict the future. You will resonate differently, and thus you will attract new people and new experiences into your life. You will make better choices. And whether in business, career, family or personal relationships, your choices will create a new life for you.

The awakening of perception and thought that must precede such change and the actions that result, as well as the results that proceed from those actions is what The Great Sheep Uprising is all about.

The Great Sheep Uprising is an overview of the world as it is perceived, a manifesto of the way of thinking required to change your place in it, and a vision of the future once your uprising is complete.

The Great Sheep Uprising might just be the change you've been waiting for.

The book begins with a beautifully illustrated parable that young and old can appreciate and understand. It then goes on in a simple, yet profound language, to dismantle the deception and reconstruct reality from a perspective and with a simple mission: " prioritize and address the state of the planet; to help people live disease-free lives; to honor and respect the rights and freedoms of all; to develop an effective understanding of ourselves, of others, and of reality to be able to make better choices. Making choices based on a corrected understanding of our planet, of our selves, of others and of the nature of reality. That is all that is required to change the world.

But, be warned. Change is neither for the passive nor the faint of heart. You shall hear ideas that challenge your reality. You shall discover alternate realities you never knew existed, and you shall be asked to make a choice of which direction you and your children shall proceed.


  • "Our goal is to arrive at a set of choices that creates a clean environment, promotes optimal health, safeguards the rights and freedoms of all, and offers an effective understanding of reality." *****
  • "You may not agree with everything offered here at present, but if you were to adopt this world view and moral code, you would discover that it results in an airtight, closed, self-sustaining, effective, practical, empowering, liberating, uncomplicated, transparent, non-contradictory, self-validating belief system which makes life predictable, manageable, productive and joyous. How valuable might that be to you?" *****
  • And what if we could distill that world view into some simple insights that you could use to improve every area of your life, create the world of your dreams, and teach your children to do the same?

    The Revolution

    The Revolution, and hence this site, is an evolution. This revolution of freedom is occurring in many areas of our lives.

    Political Freedom (free from mind control...
    Health Freedom (free from drugs...
    Economic Freedom (free from slavery and servitude and the cycle of consumerism..
    Cultural Freedom (free from racism...
    Planetary Freedom (free from the belief in infinite resources
    Religious Freedom (freedom the truth of our origins and power)

    Misinformation, misdirection, obfuscation, deception are at cause for the suppression of the revolution up until this point. It's obvious that what we know as the mainstream media has been directed NOT to cover the growing movement. Therefore, the bulk of valuable information will likely be found on youtube and other networking websites. The purpose of this site is to act as a portal, a clearinghouse of the best in ideas and strategies as it concerns the shift in consciousness that is occurring.

    The Best of the Revolution

  • Best Overall Recommendation: Zeitgeist Moving Forward Check out Among other things, this amazing documentary puts the entire economic paradigm and its deceptions, delusions, inconsistencies, and insanity into perspective and offers a solution! I will be reviewing this on my blog because this accurately represents everything that I have come to understand and believe about where this is all heading. While the concept of the Great Sheep Uprising was launched in 2006, it was this recent documentary that inspired the Revolution Central concept that now drives the site!

  • Revolution Tactics

       Occupy Wall Street
       Occupy Los Angeles
       Portland, OR
       Chicago, IL
       Cleveland, OH
       Portland ME
       Louisville, KY
       Boston, MA

    Sites to Empower the 99%


    Economic Freedom


  • Zeitgeist



    Health Freedom




  • "The Beautiful Truth
  • "The Gerson Miracle


  • Natural Cures they don't want you to know about



  • Glenn Greenwald

  • Tim Wise

    Revolution Radio

  • WBAI

  • Democracy Now


    Whistle Blowers

  • Wikileaks

  • Project Camelot

    Mainstream personalities are joining the growing movement

  • 911 In Plane Site DVD Presenting video and photographic evidence of the largest cover-up in modern day history. 911 In Plane Site: The must see blockbuster DVD of the year.

  • Ed Asner narrates "Architects and Engineers" the "mystery" of building 7

  • Oral Histories of 9/11 many of which contradict the official story

  • Zero: an investigation into 9/11: Another revealing investigation by a French documentarian that disproves the entire official story

  • Pilots for 9/11 Truth

    Post Revolution Gameplan

    The Blue Economy "How to take on the establishment, overthrow the regime and survive the revolution"

  • If you have any sensitive information, photographs, evidence, recordings that you are using for leverage to ensure your safety from specific interests, make plans for their safekeeping and widespread dissemination in the event of your demise.

  • "How to anticipate, prepare for and survive a media smear campaign"

  • "How to get your information into the minds of the 99%"

  • "How to bypass Paypal and other governmentally controlled channels of income and support."

  • "How the opposition (and the other sheep) discredit truth and foment doubt, division and distraction."
    - website posts in comments
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